Friday, May 22, 2009

Analyst actions 05/22/09

AlphaNinja - Chico's FAS (CHS) upped to a buy at Suntrust. While a one-year look at the chart may indicate it's over-bought, backing it out a few years show how far down this is from it's heydays. Much to correct at this company, but turnarounds do happen...

The most they ever earned was a little over $1 a share, which is why CHS was a favorite of the shorts in the $40's. To get back to that, let along an earnings level that would justify the stock to top 20, would require the incredible sales-per-square-foot numbers the company achieved then.


AlphaNinja - Hasbro (HAS) upped to buy from hold at Morgan Joseph. They downgraded it in April at $27, so this is a valuation call.

On a positive note, the COO purchased 10k shares earlier this week.

Free Cash Flow could be $330-370m the next few years, a nice yield on the company's market cap. AlphaNinja purchased shares this morning looking for a near-term move back to the high 20's.

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