Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's Reads 5/26/09

John Maudlin worries that the global bond market cannot digest what will be thrown at it....

A new "normal" unemployment rate of 8%???? Then the Fed projections are a joke.

"Trough" earnings should not have "trough" Price/Earnings multiples. (that said, there's no need for this author's snooty rear-view-mirror tone).

Whitney Tilson video on housing.

The next injustice - responsible states bailing out irresponsible states.

"Soaking the rich" fails in Maryland.

Stocks versus bonds, the "Fed model"

Porsche-VW, there will be books written about this farce.

Hedge Funds' as further fuel for this rally?

European response to the auto-meltdown.

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