Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday reading 5/23/09

Memorial Day Weekend market thoughts from Barrons' Santoli

AlphaNinja - I'm a fan of Santoli, and he has a great track record from what I can tell. But how he gets to a DJIA trailing PE of 40 is a mystery to me. Using current weightings and trailing 12month earnings gets me closer to a 12.6 PE....

Target is operating pretty well, maybe Ackman should fight elsewhere.
(AlphaNinja - Target makes a good point against this activist investor, especially seeing as the bulk of his stake is in options due to expire in the next two years)

Interesting - what if Ahhnold had listened to voters initially?

The real-world way to fight "climate change"

California break-up?

Government motors indeed. GM says it needs $4billion, not $2.6billion - an increase of $1.4billion, to see it through the next NINE DAYS.

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