Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday morning

May job losses revised lower, a bit of good news...

Not just a taco truck anymore....
North Dakota - maybe we should pay attention.
Apple to launch cut-rate iphones - honestly, with $90 monthly plans why isn't this thing free???
The Chrysler, GM bondholders are fighting a losing battle...
(Reminder - AlphaNinja only takes a political position in economic matters or extreme times such as now, when the rule of law is being dismantled to favor the president's actual footsoldiers (UAW)
"Congress enacted Section 363 to let companies ignore creditors’ objections if they need to sell deteriorating assets fast or if a buyer might walk away."

...But the bondholders aren't rolling over

Barbarian's second life on Wall Street

Big mining deal scrapped - ibankers are probably the most upset

NYPost with more retail sales gloom.

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