Monday, June 29, 2009


AlphaNinja - Markets waffling early. Dow up 50bps, S&P +37bps, Nasdaq -5bps (Bps=basis points, or hundredths of a %) after Asian markets ended mostly down. Healthcare stocks down, energy up.

Porsche-VW drama gets even more ridiculous. After Porsche didn't have the funds to exercise its options on VW (a multi-billion dollar profit if they could do so), VW now offers to buy half of Porsche...

Google tyring to convince regulators that it is both "not that big," and vulnerable to competition. After the strong start that Microsoft's BING has had, I'd agree.

Interesting piece about righting the ship at RoyalDutchShell.

People have been gushing over the opportunities in the junk bond market - but remember that yields are high there for a reason...

A preview of this week's lone IPO, the remote-access firm LogMeIn

While other auto-related companies waltz into bankruptcy without a concern in the world for shareholders, TRW is putting up a fight...

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