Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Premarket

AlphaNinja - Futures down slightly indicating a negative open for the stock markets. Jobless claims came in better than expected, while retail sales were worse.

A "daring trade" upsets Wall Street? We're all ears....

Option ARMs, or "pick-a-pay" mortgage resets to peak in 2010 and 2011. Bad news for housing.

Is the federal government up to the task of remaking GM, when shareholders have been unable to in the past? I doubt it.

The International Energy Agency forecasts higher oil demand, sending crude futures to their highest levels of 2009.

Can 92 year-old Kirk Kerkorian bounce back?

Bankruptcy court sides with Delphi lenders who are fighting a government-led sale to a private-equity fund. (Chrysler creditors who were rebuffed must be scratching their head)

So GM's future lies in fuel-efficient cars (sarcasm), but they're already discontinuing a hybrid model?

Traders killed value investing? (Stop complaining)

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