Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Premarket

AlphaNinja - Futures up slightly, indicating a positive open for US markets after a big drop yesterday.

Ford, Tesla and Nissan will receive government loans to help them "retool their factories to produce advanced-technology vehicles." Announcement to be made by the energy secretary, a further example of government picking winners and losers when they clearly do not have the authority to do so. That said, after the government/union theft of Chrysler and GM, these companies deserve a little handout simply to be able to compete.

Red Sox owner John Henry's commodity funds enjoying some brighter days after some tough years.

If it's too big to fail, is it too big to exist? (from a few days ago)

How Netflix has performed so well, and how it plans for life after DVD's.

Could it be? Ford eyes a revival of the previously best-selling Taurus

While its only a couple out of 600 TARP recipients, its not good news that these small banks are halting their dividend payments to the taxpayer.

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