Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Premarket

AlphaNinja - Futures (indication of market direction) flat ahead of trading, with a slew of economic data to be released.

AIG still has a lot of exposure to European home loans - derivatives based on them could cause a "material adverse change" (MAC) on the company's results.

The US will remain the world's safest place to invest as long as others (the UK) are in worse shape.

Five states approaching government shutdowns.

One man's thoughts on how to repair California

Prince Walid bin Talal, down 94%, hoping for a repeat of his Citi experience in the 1990's:
“This is a fantastic opportunity. Now is the time to buy,” Prince Walid told Prestige Magazine for an article in its summer issue. “I’m totally, 100 percent optimistic and realistic.”

The "trash-to-trophy" renaissance of the alligator gar

Smart moves in its endowment are paying off for tuition-free Cooper Union

New taxes are likely, as we run $1trillion dollar deficits for a decade with an administration that sees government as savior

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