Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday premarket

AlphaNinja - The market may pop this morning, as durable goods orders grew 1.8%, versus an expectation of -.9%. Futures indicate the market will open up 1%.

Global Oil outfits are ready to bid on Iraqi oil contracts, as an Iraqi "welcome back" party is planned.

Forget coffee bars, specialty prepared foods, shoppers are driving grocers back to basics.

"Downside skew," or investors hedging against possibly large stock losses, is running higher than it was on March 9th - bullish?

Cash-for-clunkers has too many issues and may not even help the environment - probably why the government shouldn't be trying to influence consumer behavior.

Half of the UK's foreign professionals are considering leaving the country, thanks to increasing living costs and a slowing economy.

Outrage over GM's adviser fees, to be paid by the taxpayer.

The administration wants to illegally cap bonuses? Well then companies will simply raise base salary - until the government says they can't. (This isn't Russia, is it Danny?)

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