Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday morning.

AlphaNinja - Futures are pointing to a lower open for US stocks after a GDP report showed a lower than expected 1% decline for the second quarter, but revised the first quarter lower to -6.4%.

ARE YOU KIDDING? While I'm impressed with Colorado's investment returns, this is simply paying 10cents (the guy's new salary) for a dollar...
"When the endowment chief of the University of Colorado joined boutique Wall Street firm Perella Weinberg Partners earlier this month, he didn't show up empty-handed: The school's entire $825 million endowment came with him.
The transfer is unusual for two reasons, say money-management experts. The foundation that runs the endowment didn't seek competing bids. And few endowments of its size have outsourced 100% of their assets."

WSJ on cost-cutting measures that drive earnings beats these days...

White roofs, to help the environment and save on electricity bills.

IPO's making a comeback. In India

The unfortunate real estate that remains after an auto plant closure.

"Cash for clunkers" is not performing as well as expected

Walmart and Staples plan to sell a massive amount of cheap netbooks and notebooks this back-to-school season

NYTimes on Wall Street compensation and congress

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