Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grand theft taxpayer

AlphaNinja - This would be funny if it weren't so ridiculous.

Here's a chart (honestly, I'm not into spending time making charts pretty) of the stimulus bill that was so critical that not a single congressperson read the whole thing, and the administration said it was "critical" to get it passed immediately.

Another way to look at it -->> the stimulus works out to $7200 per US household. With our economy 70% dependant on consumer spending, why not give that money back to the taxpayer, the rightful owner? Or just give it to the bottom half of households (by income), and that's $14k per family. For many people that is a HUGE increase in the quality of life, letting a parent quit their second job, etc. They could reduce debt, save more for college, get the kids braces....

...But that wouldn't work according to John Kerry, who says that the government must spend your money because you might not spend it correctly. Incredible, but at least he's honest.

According to the WSJ, the stimulus money is barely even going to infrastructure, but instead to localities who use it to prevent reducing their own salaries.

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