Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Morning

AlphaNinja - Busy week ahead, with hundreds of companies reporting June quarter results. European stocks are trading higher by about a half a percent. US futures (indicating where the market will open) are slightly positive. Goldman Sachs (GS) shares are up about 4% premarket after banking "uber-bear" Meredith Whitney said the bank's shares should be purchased ahead of earnings results this week.

The "silence of hybrids" causes some alarm. No kidding, you mean the government can't dictate what people will drive? Give 'em time...

Any True Blood fans here? The series has been a hit, possibly the biggest thing for HBO since the Soprano's.

Bloomberg sounding some caution on emerging markets.

Busy weekend for CIT officials, spent working on a plan to convince markets and clients that it can survive....

...and could CIT's troubles be a precursor of what's to come at GECC? (GE Capital Co.)

Bankruptcy possibilities for domestic airlines. No one (usually) makes money off airlines, save for ibankers and "restructuring" experts.

Good WSJ analysis of how to invest successfully in a "jobless recovery."

A "swift return to lofty profits" at Goldman...

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