Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Premarket

AlphaNinja - US Stocks look to open down today as investors tire of the big two-week rally we've seen. The indexes are down about half a percent each in pre-market trading.

Merle Hazard, the country singer slash anti-bailout crusader...

A lot to discuss between China and the USA on trade surpluses and treasury holdings...

NYTimes suggests a "primer" for new holders of Citigroup stock - US taxpayers.

General Electric claims that GE Finance will not need a capital injection...

As hedge fund Steel Partners distributes shares to clients who need to sell, the price effect can be huge on some of the more illiuid stocks - opportunity?

Newly acceptable in Japan - "hostessing"

Jeremy Grantham says "blue chip" stocks hold the best value right now, in his quarterly letter to investors below:

Grantham Letter

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