Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday premarket

AlphaNinja - US markets are set to open in a few minutes, and indications are for a slightly negative start. Quiet news day, apart from everyone ready to flip out when Alcoa (AA) reports earnings after the close this afternoon.

Starting with netbooks, Google plans to attack Microsoft's grip on the operating system...and also in Google-land, they're finally dropping the "beta!"

As the USA readies to saddle our economy with regulations to fight "global warming," the G8 economies plan to eliminate "numerical" targets...

Former AIG CEO Greenberg wins a major court victory against his former employer.

LTCM captain John Meriwether closes his second fund...

A "cultural change" at GM, as it will do half its sales overseas.

NYTimes on plans to regulate energy speculators....and the NYTimes on how that may backfire.

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