Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday premarket

AlphaNinja - US futures pointing to a strong opening, boosted by Intel's (INTC) big beat last night. The S&P500 and Nasdaq look to open up about 1.5%.

Chrysler execs look to the Polish for insight on building small cars at a profit.

Toyota weighs plans to close the California-based Nummi production facility, which has not made a profit since 1992. The remaining question is whether (thanks to UAW contracts) the company can even afford to close the facility.

Mortgages and mortgage securities turning back into a profit lever for banks.

A deal may be in the works to save CIT - but will it save the common stock?

CALPERS to sue the ratings agencies(Moody's, Fitch, S&P) for "wildly inaccurate" ratings:

The suit:


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