Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White House details on agency cost-cuts - a good start.

AlphaNinja - The White House previously asked agencies to come up with about $100million in savings. They were ridiculed for the insignificance of such an amount, but the details outlined below can serve as a blueprint for cutting costs everywhere in government. Gotta start somewhere, and maybe agencies will see these little improvements and take them further..... Unnecessary travel and conference attendance looks to factor large in these savings - it's scary to think of some of the spending at these agencies that is done simply to assure "next year's" budget doesn't get cut.

What's a bit upsetting is that these agencies needed a near-depression to wake up and find some cost savings.

Forgo repainting brand new vehicles green at the Forest Service:

At the Department of Homeland Security, they'll leverage "DHS buying power to obtain high volume discounts for Department-wide usage." Why weren't they ALWAYS doing this?

Admin Savings Appendix -- Final

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