Thursday, July 2, 2009

William Happer's Global Warming Testimony.

AlphaNinja - True to the title(Stocks and Free Markets), the only time this site gets political is when the government intrudes and or tramples on the law or the private sector. Henry Waxman's cap-and-trade bill will lower global temperatures by an amount that could be called a statistical rounding error. Despite it including energy "security" in the title, the restrictions and fines on domestic refiners will INCREASE our reliance on foreign oil. So it is lots of economic pain, for little to no environmental gain. When you hear politicians refer to "climate revenue," you know there's a high likelihood this is a scam...

Politicians keep bellowing that an "imperfect" bill is better than doing nothing. NONSENSE -->> you could drop the speed limit ten miles per hour and erase what we import from Saudi Arabia...but there's no "climate revenue" in that strategy.

VERY interesting testimony to the Senate Energy Committee....

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