Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Stepdad: kidnapped daughter alive after 18 years

A woman who has been missing from her South Lake Tahoe home has surfaced in Concord, 18 years after she was kidnapped, and two people are apparently in custody, her stepfather said today.

Jaycee Dugard, who would be 29 today, walked into the Concord Police Department on Wednesday, stunning police and family members who had all but lost hope that she was still alive.

Dugard's stepfather, Carl Probyn, 60, of Orange (Orange County) told The Chronicle today that his wife, Terry, called him at about 4 p.m. Wednesday with the news he never though "She basically said, 'Are you sitting down?' I said, 'Yes.' And she said, 'They found Jaycee - she's alive."

The two, who are separated, cried for about two minutes on the phone.

Dugard was last seen on June 10, 1991 as she was walking to a bus stop in South Lake Tahoe. Dugard, a blue-eyed, blond 11-year-old dressed in a pink top and pink pants, set out to catch the bus to her school near South Lake Tahoe. She never made it.

As Probyn watched helplessly from the family's driveway on a hill about two blocks away, a two-tone gray sedan pulled up and someone yanked the girl into the car and sped off. Even though officers responded within minutes, no trace of the car or girl was ever found.

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