Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quote(s) of the day

AlphaNinja - While he's normally partisan, this Victor Davis Hanson column is is an insightful non-partisan view of Americans' arrogance about our culture of borrowing to enjoy the good life:

A few quotes from the piece:

"Rationed health care is indeed a scary thought, but so is the idea that at age 85, I will have my government Medicare plan borrow $250,000 from the Chinese for my artificial hips and knees while my 50-year-old counterpart from rural China goes without annual check-ups or necessary medications."

It all reminds me of the ancient world of my grandfather, who would point to a used tractor he had purchased (and paid for in cash) and sigh, “That cost me 20 tons of raisins”; or would look at the living-room floor and say with a shrug, “It took an acre of Santa Rosa plums to pay for that rug.”

Instead, today we charge it, pay the 19 percent interest on our credit cards, get behind, and then applaud as a Sen. Chris Dodd rails that we were tricked, snookered, and victimized by evil usurers as we justifiably renege on the debt. It will be interesting when America tries all that with the Chinese.

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