Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Premarket

AlphaNinja - US stock futures are down a bit after another big day yesterday, following the lead of overseas shares which are drifting lower.

WSJ's Bret Stephens on why India and China care not about "climate change"

Goldman CEO Blankfein warning employees against "big-ticket" consumption with their enormous bonuses....is it me or does this remind you of DeNiro's warnings in Goodfellas after the Lufthansa heist?

NYTimes says that private equity firms desperately need the public equity markets to stay strong...

Following others in the business, Fidelity warns clients about the dangers of "leveraged ETF's"

Financial advisers are not getting the "training" they need to guide clients through this economic mess? (Then they have no business managing people's money)
"only 7 percent said they felt strongly that they had received adequate training to complete their job to the highest standard. A little more than half said they felt they had received some training. What is shocking is the rest — some 36 percent of wealth managers surveyed — said they believed they were not fully qualified to do their job."

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