Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Premarket

AlphaNinja - US stocks look to open negative, although the news is light this morning.

WSJ suggests California look to Arizona as a fiscal example.

The "upside" to massive job cuts is higher worker productivity figures.

Great - another Fannie Mae situation approaches.

General Motors claims the Chevy Volt will get 230 miles per gallon:
"From the data we've seen, many Chevy Volt drivers may be able to be in pure electric mode on a daily basis without having to use any gas," said GM Chief Executive Fritz Henderson. "EPA labels are a yardstick for customers to compare the fuel efficiency of vehicles. So, a vehicle like the Volt that achieves a composite triple-digit fuel economy is a game-changer"

If you worried that Wall Street would enter an era of boring personalities, don't.
The game broke up for dinner, and Mr. Schonfeld's chef served veal medallions and halibut. (At high-end restaurants, Mr. Schonfeld has been known to order one of everything on the menu, with his party leaving much of the food uneaten.)

With tough prospects in the US, college students look overseas for their first job.

More woes for students - unpaid internships that you pay for.

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