Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday premarket

AlphaNinja - US Stocks look to open lower. Chinese shares were off 5%, as people are questioning the sustainability of their economic stimulus plan, not to mention the sincerity of their accounting for GDP. China is down nearly 20% this month, worrisome because US stocks followed them on the way down last year...Deere & Co. (DE) beat Wall Street estimates for the quarter, despite profit being down 27%.

Finland at risk of losing half a million forestry jobs, for a variety of reasons.

NYPost on the cost-cutting that has allowed many a retailer to beat earnings expectations.

So much for the anonymity of Swiss bank accounts

The Congressional Budget Office wants to kill the tax-exempt municipal bond market?

NYTimes on the back-and-forth between "the recovery is here," and "the recovery is fake"

Sam Zell's experiment with employee shares (ESOP) as a tool in a buyout comes screeching to a halt.

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