Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How does this work out?

AlphaNinja - Hmmm.

According to a CEO survey by the Business Roundtable:

-->> 51% of respondents see sales increasing in the next six months

-->> 13% expect to increase work force

-->> 21% anticipate increased capital spending

-->> 30% expect to decrease their capital spending

-->> 40% expect to cut jobs within 6months

How can 51% expect an increase in sales, while only 21% percent expect to increase their own capital (investment) spending, and 30% expect to DECREASE their capital spending. I mean at some basic level, one firm's revenue is another's capital spending. If not then it's consumer-related, and an increase there flies in the face of expected layoff's running far higher than the 13% who expect to add positions. That math doesn't work.

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