Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Morning

AlphaNinja - US stocks are up slightly. Housing construction numbers pleased investors, but earnings misses by Oracle and FedEx aren't helping matters.

So he stole $10billion from the family he married into...
“It does not serve to begin with small dreams,” al-Sanea, 54, said in an interview with London’s Telegraph newspaper in July 2007. On its Web site, Saad Group lists “family values” as a cornerstone of its business."

The SEC may ban flash trading(sometimes called "cheating"), and may stiffen rules on the ratings agencies.
The SEC is considering the ban on flash orders after lawmakers including Senator Charles Schumer questioned whether it gives some traders unfair advantages. Direct Edge Holdings LLC has used the practice to take market share from NYSE Euronext. Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. and Bats Global Markets voluntarily stopped using flash orders last month.

Stimulus gone wild in China. People like pig farmers have used money that was intended for their businesses to instead speculate on commodities.
“People who have nothing at all to do with the copper trade have been buying copper as a store of value, much like they would with gold,” said Jiang Mingjun, an analyst at Shanghai Oriental Futures Co.

AMR sold off its frequent flyer miles, netting $2.9billion in liquidity. NOTE - Investing in Airline common stock is a fools paradise. The only people who make money in this business are "interim" execs and bankruptcy lawyers. Oh and bankers. Stay away.

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