Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Premarket

AlphaNinja - Chinese stocks rose almost 5% today, their best gain in months. That has sent US stocks higher in premarket trading.

Strength in the bond market augers for some caution for equity investors.

BP's giant oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico, 31,000 feet under the surface, shows the lengths firms must go to replace reserves.

Hospital chefs are making huge improvements to the food served to patients.

US Law Schools worry that too many are heading to school without the proper motivations, and that it's creating too many lawyers.
In a memo to incoming students, Patricia D. White, the dean of University of Miami School of Law, surmised: “Perhaps many of you are looking to law school as a safe harbor in which you can wait out the current economic storm.” She then urged them to “think hard” about their plans and offered incentives for those willing to defer for one year.

As debt is no longer available for big private equity deals, the firms are investing in distressed debt instead, as a way to gain control of bankrupt firms.

The WSJ sees the resurgence in IPO's as a bullish sign, at least until it's not.

Spooked by Madoff, hedge fund investors demand more transparency from firms.

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