Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning

AlphaNinja - US stocks are up just a bit this morning, on some better than expected retail sales data. Even excluding cash-for-clunkers auto sales, retail sales were up 1.1%. That said, electronics retailer Best Buy (BBY) missed expectations, sending shares down about a percent.

On the first anniversary of Lehman's collapse, its creditors are none-too-pleased with the unwinding process.

WSJ op-ed suggesting we open up the ratings agency competition to be more like the outfits that rate colleges.

Have trouble growing your country's GDP? Simple then, you just complain that GDP is no longer a useful yardstick.

The US Government is working on plans to sell it's 7.7billion shares of Citigroup common stock - no easy task.

Kraft may "leave the latte, take the chocolate."
Kraft may be ready to give up coffee and hot dogs in exchange for chocolate.
According to several sources familiar with the matter, the food giant might sell assets like Maxwell House and Oscar Mayer in order to raise enough cash to finance an acquisition of British candy company Cadbury.

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