Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Premarket

AlphaNinja - Time to put the lazy summer volume behind us! The first day of the race to December 31st looks to be a negative one for US stocks, as they follow the lead of falling European indexes.

Buy high, sell low? Ebay may sell Skype for less than they paid for it....

The Disney-Marvel deal should provide the $$$ firepower to fully develop Marvel's catalogue of characters.

Shamefully, an SEC official continues to make it difficult to get new credit ratings agencies into the business (to compete with the big 3 that were largely to blame for the blowups of various credit products).

One Economist pours water on the suggestion that this recession compares to the "depression."

For what it's worth, some insight on China's "lending-based" manufacturing expansion. (More and more suspect about the country's methods of propping up the economy)

Some of the world's most astute investors do not buy the recent hype about the end of the recession.

Bad news for Boeing and Airbus as airlines struggle to honor their purchase plans.

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