Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rick Reilly book review of Ochocinco's new non-fiction masterpiece

A VERY quick background for those unfamiliar. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson wears the number 85. Eight-five, you could say. He referred to himself as "Ocho-Cinco" - "eight" and "five" in Spanish. Note that eighty-five in Spanish would be "ochenta y cinco," but no matter.

When Chad wanted to put "OchoCinco" on the back of his NFL jersey, he was told no, because it wasn't his legal last name. So Chad promptly went to the courthouse and changed his legal name to Chad OchoCinco. No joke. Now he can wear his jersey properly:

So as a follow-up to his hit memoir "Chad," he has come out with a new book - "Ocho Cinco." I'm not sure if the NYTimes book review has had a chance, but ESPN's Rick Reilly read it, and in this review he shares some thought-provoking words of genius from this great American. A few of O'Reilly's reasons for buying the book:

1. His stirringly descriptive prose. For instance, the vivid passage in the second paragraph, in which he describes his "huge-ass house" in Florida and his seven "sweet-ass cars." In fact, Mr. Ochocinco is able to use the word "ass" 32 times in the tome.

3. His torrid introspection. When he found himself at the only birth he was able to attend of his four children (by three different women) the moment hit him deeply. "I'm holding a little me," he thought to himself. "Just having little me's around is cool. No lie." That's transcendent.

5. His refreshing candor, so rare in the NFL. For instance ...
... his explanation of why he doesn't block: "What good is it for me to start throwing my body around with all those guys who are bigger than me?" Exactly.

... how he calls Lewis and other coaches at 3 a.m. to discuss game strategy, civilities be damned. "Their wives might not like it, but I don't care. They got to deal with that, not me."

God Bless You, Chad OchoCinco.

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