Thursday, November 5, 2009

GE is so "industrial" these days! (GE)

A GE energy executive was saying this morning that an "uptick" in new equipment orders is probably 18-24months away. Hmmm, that certainly doesn't fit in with the near-universal view that we've bottomed and the economy is recovering. But we'll see.

I present to you a highly technical chart (sarcasm) showing the funny nature of press releases and public relations. As the finance business has completely imploded at General Electric, the use of the word "industrial" has exploded in their releases.

The use of a Miami Dolphins color scheme was unintentional.

Why is the company once again an "industrial" giant? Because financial profits have plummeted to nearly nothing. Probably less than nothing if accounting "leniency" were not acceptable.

2009 AlphaNinja

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