Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grand Theft Taxpayer, California edition

More creative financing from Sacramento -->> increasing people's tax witholdings by 10%.

Or as a state spokesman calls it, a "one-time acceleration."

"This was one of the solutions - a one-time acceleration ... to move money that otherwise would have been collected in the 2011 fiscal year," Palmer said.

So the state is stealing from next year's budget, by way of an interest-free loan from taxpayers. While the money will presumably be paid back to taxpayers next spring, the arrogance of state officials to call this a "small amount" is quite unfair -->> if the WSJ's figures are accurate, it would be maybe $90 per month. Not enormous, but it's like adding a second cell-phone bill each month.

Schools crumble as "administrators" make a quarter million dollars while chastising the public to ante up more money. Criminals are paroled early, instead of prison guards seeing reduced salaries. At what point do lowly taxpayers in this state scream "Get to the Choppa!" and simply leave?

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