Monday, December 28, 2009

Terrorist fallout: Airlines down, screening companies up (ASEI, OSIS, DAL, AMR, UAUA)

First off, cheers to those onboard Northwest flight 253, especially they guy who subdued the attempted pants-bomber.

After the failings on multiple levels of security, airline shares are taking a hit today as people speculate about tighter security, which would slow travel and hurt profitability.

Arline stocks are off about 5% today, while security firms American Science & Engineering (ASEI) and OSI Systems (OSIS) are up handily on the day.

In ASE's case, part of today's jump is due to a December 24th announcement by the US Army that they would be purchasing 37 Z-backscatter Xray trailers for use in Afghanistan.  With an average price tag of $1million, this could guarantee ASE hits its 2010 fiscal year earnings targets.  ASE and OSI also offer products that might have detected the explosives used in the failed bombing last week.

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