Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple blasting higher as iPad price point is much cheaper than expected (AAPL, AMZN)

After trading down most of the day, Apple just exploded higher when the $499 entry-level price for the 16gig Ipad tablet reader was announced - literally HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper than expected.

Putting this device within a couple hundred dollars of the competition is a huge deal. Why pay a little less for an Amazon kindle when for $100 more you get Apple's elegant design and impressive technical edge?

Apple shares just jumped to $208 from about $200 an hour ago, while Amazon shares are off $3 from their intraday high, as Apple's aggressive pricing will wage war on their successful Kindle.

This thing looks ridiculous. Briefing is updating from the presentation:

Apple iPad has youtube in HD, iTunes built in, maps application, Time magazine app
-Apple, at event Steve Jobs, shows that it can open up PDFs
-Apple, at event, shows iPad's maps app from GOOG, iPod functionality, new calender app
-Apple, at event, shows iPad has GPS, 9.7 in display, full capacitive multi-touch, 1 GHz Apple A4 chip, 16-64 GB flash storage
-Apple iPad has 10 hrs of battery life, over a month of standby battery, 802.11n wifi
-Apple iPad can run all iPhone apps
-Apple, at event, shows that iPad games use multi-touch gestures for gaming; NYT introduces custom app for device. NYT iPad app works like a e-reader with video
-Apple iPad uses iWork for spreadsheets, presentations, documents
-Apple iPad iWork apps are $9.99
-Apple's Steve Jobs says iPad has 3G; 2 plans -- 250 MB/month for $14.99, or unlimited for $29.99
-Apple all iPad 3G models are unlocked; cost starts at $499
-Apple iPad 16GB is $499, 32 GB $599, 64 GB $699, shipping in 60 days
-Apple iPad has a keyboard accessory avail that locks in

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