Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Livestock-raters get their lawsuit dismissed! (MHP, MCO)

Awww, good for them. Bloomberg is reporting that S&P and Moody's have won dismissal of a lawsuit:

"Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Corp. won dismissal of a lawsuit seeking to hold them responsible for defrauding investors who bought about $100 billion of mortgage- backed securities.
At a hearing today, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in New York said he would dismiss claims against the rating companies, according to a clerk for the judge.Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which was alleged to have once owned the bonds that were sold, is bankrupt and not a defendant in the case.
“We are pleased the judge granted our motion,” Chris Atkins, a spokesman for S&P, a unit of McGraw-Hill Cos., said in an interview. Michael Adler, a spokesman for New York-based Moody’s, didn’t immediately return a call.
Investors in the mortgage-backed securities claimed in their lawsuit that S&P and Moody’s misled them by disregarding ratings guidelines, serving conflicting roles in evaluating and structuring the bonds, and sacrificing their independence."

Why do I call them "livestock-raters?" Because they said so themselves. From a text conversation between two S&P officials:
S&P Official #1: Btw (by the way) that deal is ridiculous.
S&P Official #2: I know right...model def (definitely) does not capture half the risk.
S&P Official #1: We should not be rating it.
S&P Official #2: We rate every deal.
It could be structured by cows and we would rate it.

A good description of the ratings business is described by David Einhorn, who is (or was in May09) short MCO:
"If your product is a stamp of approval where your highest rating is a curse to those that receive it, and is shunned by those who are supposed to use it, you have a problem...The truth is that nobody I know buys or uses Moody's credit ratings because they believe in the brand. They use it because it is part of a government created oligopoly and, often, because they are required to by law...The real value of Moody's lies in its ability to cow the authorities into preserving its status."

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