Friday, January 15, 2010

Mass. Senate race narrowing even further....

Directly affecting healthcare stocks (eventually) is the election to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate.  Last time I noted it, Coakley's contracts on Intrade were selling at 82, suggesting an 82% chance of the Democrat winning.

Today those contracts are down to 63.5, as the Coakley campaign has floundered:

That campaign has been its own worst enemy.  The most recent gaff was an ad attacking opponent Scott Brown's apparent coziness with Wall Street.  As an example of "greed and corruption," they posted a photo of....the former World Trade Center.  Geniuses...

According to the National Review, the campaign has removed the ad.

"Meanwhile a DSCC spokesman is saying the image shouldn't have appeared in the ad and that it is being pulled."

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