Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tang on the run!

I've got that song Fox On The Run in my head....

Bloomberg is reporting that Toronto-based Weizhen Tang, who's called himself both the  "Chinese Warren Buffett" and the "Chinese Donald Trump" is on the lam.....

"Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Weizhen Tang, a Toronto fund manager who had claimed to be a Chinese Warren Buffett, is being sought by police on a Canada-wide arrest warrant on charges he ran a C$40 million ($39 million) Ponzi scheme.

Toronto police today issued the warrant after Tang failed to surrender as promised on Dec. 29, Detective Gail Regan of the Toronto fraud squad said in a phone interview."
But don't worry, he's busy "trading" to pay for his defense:
“He’s trading somewhere to make money to pay for his defense,” Regan said she was told by Tang’s lawyer.

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