Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intraday action (ABD,CVG,LEN,SWM,GPI,BSX,FE)

Biiiiiiiiiiiizy day.

NOT a good day for a snow day, East-coasters.  A ton going on in the market.

After opening down, the DJIA and S&P500 shot up to level out at about +1% each.  Some excitement may be due to an attempt in Europe to come to the aid of Greece.

Among gainers:

--  OPK - Opko Health announced development of a new blood test for Alzheimer's
--  AYE  - Allegheny Energy up on an announced merger with FirstEnergy
--  LEN  -  Covered here last night, they got a sweet deal from the FDIC on a loan portfolio

Among losers:

--  SWM - people FREAKING over a patent lawsuit, and what it's implications are.
--  HOS  -  Hornbeck Offshore gives absurdly wild, absurdly low 2010 guidance.
--  BSX  -  Boston Scientific.  Decent earnings, but the stock is tanking on a report questioning the company's defibrillators.  The company's rebuttal is here.

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