Thursday, February 11, 2010

ProLogis' dividend yield getting richer.....(PLD)

Industrial REIT ProLogis common stock is off 6% today, as the company's guidance for FFO (Funds From Operations, a real estate term encompassing all sorts of earnings of which commons stockholders have little claim to...)

At today's price of $11.69, they offer a dividend yield of 5.1%, much better than a few short weeks ago when they yielded 4%, based on 2010's dividend (I know it was only announced Feb1 but we're looking backward)  and the stock price then of  $14.7.

The supplemental material for the quarter is an awesome read for anyone, regardless of whether you own this stock.  Plenty of interesting info about geographic trouble spots like Southern Europe, for example.

Among the positives inside that packet is the excellent client base, and the diversification of that base:

The entire presentation is here.

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