Friday, February 5, 2010

Quote of the day

(NOTE - This site is all about "Stocks and Free Markets." No politics are intended, but when government agencies - the UN included - will disrupt markets with fraudulent data, I find it just as damaging as fraudulent accounting.)

Courtesy of Dr Rajendra Pachaur, the HEAD of the UN's International Panel on Climate Change - literally the most powerful man in the climate change industry that will re-organize the entire world's economies. Apparently he was a little ticked off when people pointed out his massive financial windfall from climate-fear mongering.

He said that people pointing out the frauds in climate change research should rub their faces in asbestos. No joke:

Climate change skeptics "are people who deny the link between smoking and cancer; they are people who say that asbestos is as good as talcum powder," he said.
"I hope that they apply it (asbestos) to their faces every day."
What got him so riled??? He's upset that people are questioning him about data the IPCC used when demanding immediate climate action, due to the science being "settled." Apparently he's fuming that the science is becoming more unsettled by the day
--Today's minor error corrected that half the Netherlands is NOT under sea level.
-- The Climategate Scandal, in which scientists hid data and destroyed data in order to prevent man-made global warming skeptics form replicating their work.
-- Recently the IPCC has to apologize for their prediction that Himalayan glaciers would be completely gone by 2035 - they accidentally switched the 3 and the 0, so the proper estimate should have been 2350. WHOOPS!
--The kid-scaring example of polar bear extinction is a farce, as numbers have increased 400% in recent decades.
-- The revelations that the "carbon market" let's Russia create Billion of dollars out of thin air, by selling carbon credits awarded due to Soviet-era industrial shutdowns.
--The flawed use of tree rings to prove climate change.
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