Thursday, February 4, 2010

TWO quotes of the day!

And they - no surprise - come from Los Angeles' attempts to cut government spending in the face of crippling budget deficits.

The LA Times is reporting that the city is attempting to cut 1,000 government employees, which would be about 3.3% - doesn't seem unreasonable compared to the huge uptick in LA's private sector unemployment rate.

QOTD number 1 comes from Councilman Bill Rosendahl, regarding one group of employees' positions:

"Whatever we need to do to preserve it, I want to do," he said

Sounds fine, right?  Except that he's referring to the preservation of the city's staff of CALLIGRAPHERS (= fancy writers):

"Councilman Bill Rosendahl vowed to protect the city's calligraphers, the handful of artists who design ornate proclamations that elected officials hand out to constituents."

Just as impressive is the heartwarming sacrifices offered from the unions representing city taxpayer employees:

"Labor leaders said they are open to shrinking the workforce as long as each targeted employee is moved safely into another vacant position."


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