Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Afternoon comedy, from CNBC's Mike Huckman (DNDN)

Huckman updated the street on the "very stressful morning" he had.  Described here earlier, he shared with the world a two sentence "research" report from a firm he'd never heard of, tanking shares of Dendreon(DNDN) in early trading.  The market quickly woke up to it, and shares rebounded smartly.

Huckman's excuses are hilarious, especially where he is apoplectic that the FDA won't yank people out of meetings to fix his mess!

We repeatedly emailed and voicemailed them; called the main news media line at the FDA, sometimes got a live person, sometimes voicemail, were told the people we needed to talk to were in a meeting, and on and on. Argh!
I told the person on the other end of the line to get the person out of the meeting. This was urgent. I'm on deadline. No luck. Eventually, I got a call back from one point-person and my producer got patched through to another. Both of them confirmed the FDA will not convene another Provenege panel. I hung up, ran downstairs and jumped on the air.

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