Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quote of the day. Will turn the entire idea of "stimulus" on its head.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a proposed bill from Democrat George Miller of Martinez, California to spend $100billion to "save city worker jobs."

"I think it should be considered part of the Recovery Act, funded out of the deficit," Miller said. "You cannot cure the deficit when you're running with 15 million unemployed, and you can't cure it at the local level by laying people off and raising taxes."
If readers cared to turn to the editorial page, they would see even this far-left leaning newspaper coming to the realization that there is another option --  cutting salaries actually saves jobs.  
A$522 million city deficit has turned the unthinkable into reality. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has ordered - not just suggested - that 17,424 unionized workers be laid off and then rehired with a 6.25 percent wage cut. No deals, no sweet talk, just action.

What a novel concept.  You can cut public employee salaries  - maybe to the point they make 25% more than the average American, rather than the current 35%, not including benefits - to save their jobs.  

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