Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, forget about opening a tanning salon...

I really wonder what is going through the minds of "the arbitrarily targeted" in this health care fiasco...

From the text of the bill, tanning salons will see a new 10% tax on their evil services:

Rational people might wonder, why on earth single out tanning salons?  What about parks and beaches that encourage sunburns?  Water parks?  Where is the 10% tax on putting a pool in your backyard, which might encourage more sun -worshiping than a tanning salon?

I can't find an answer, and I suspect it's because the people who crafted this bill simply don't CARE.  If they're going to force a 29year old into buying insurance befitting a sick 55 year old, why wouldn't they arbitrarily throw taxes around?

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