Thursday, April 22, 2010

HEY! Stop criticizing my president!

Enough is ENOUGH!  I will simply not stand for people attacking Barack Obama's integrity!

As the president is in NYC giving a speech assailing Wall Street greed, some haters are suggesting that he is actually sympathetic to the investment banks he's railing against!

Preposterous!  OK, well maybe he did accept $1million in donations from Goldman Sachs employees, and is refusing to give it back.   But you see, that's part of his genius.  He's smarter than these Wall Streeters.  In fact, he's smart enough to keep their money even though he referred to his small stint in the financial world as being "like a spy behind enemy lines," while he simply stared at a blinking "Reuters machine."

Need more evidence that he's on our side, and not Wall Street?  Here's a picture of him showing students in Chicago how to take money from corporations and banks, and divert it to the Chicago mayor and aldermen.  He calls it a "Power Analysis."  Take that, critics!

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