Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Intel, CSX up after hours on earnings beats (INTC, CSX)

It's a lovely afternoon (evening for East Coasters) for Intel and CSX, both of whom beat earnings expectations and are trading up in after hours action.  Both companies have hugely fixed cost structures, so a rebound in revenues creates some nice earnings leverage...

East-Coast railroad operator CSX reported earnings of 78cents per share for their q1 2010 year, 9cents higher than expected, and revenue came in ahead also.

The company held the line on spending as best they could, to combat higher fuel prices:

Shares of Intel are up 94 cents or 4% in late trading, after they beat both earnings and revenue expectations.

The conference call starts in 25minutes, and in the press release the semiconductor giant significantly increased their gross margin outlook for the coming quarter and the full year.  Nice!

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