Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Syracuse students happy to take JPMorgan's $30million dollars....

...But not so happy that they'd politely listen to an opposing viewpoint from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon...

From Bloomberg:
Almost 900 Syracuse students and alumni have signed an on- line petition for the university in Syracuse, New York, to rescind Dimon’s invitation to speak, saying investment banks played in a role in losses students and their families suffered in the global financial crisis. The Take Back 2010 Syracuse University Commencement student group will hold a rally opposing the speech on April 16.
That's rather ungrateful, considering that JP Morgan built a 200,000 square foot technology building for these same students:
In October, JPMorgan opened the $30 million, 200,000- square-foot JPMorgan Chase Technology Center at SU, a building on the Syracuse campus where students can work with and learn from bank employees who conduct research and run the company’s technology operations. About 450 students enrolled in a technology minor degree program developed jointly by Syracuse faculty and JPMorgan employees, the company said then.
JP Morgan (JPM) shares are up about 4% today, after beating earnings expectations this morning.  As with other "money-center" banks, non-interest revenue makes up an ever-increasing share of the company's business, although compensation in these divisions can be extremely high:

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